Union Österreichischer Rugby Verband
Captain Andreas Gaul
Kit left arm Kit body Kit right arm
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Team colours
First international
Template:Ru-rt 23 - 9 Template:Country data AUT
(3 March, 1992)
Largest win
Template:Ru-rt 77 - 0 Template:Country data LUX
(12 May, 2001)
Worst defeat
Template:Ru-rt 0 - 78 Template:Country data UKR
(14 May, 1994)

Austria is a third tier rugby union playing nation. They began playing international rugby in the early 1990s. Thus far, Austria has not made an appearance at any of the World Cups.

History Edit

Austria played their first official international on March 3, 1992 against Hungary, losing 23 points to nine. Austria had another fixture against Hungary that year, as well as two games against Slovenia. Austria played nations such as Croatia and Ukraine as well as regulars Slovenia.

Austria's first win came against Serbia & Montenegro in 1996, winning three points to nil. Austria began winning more games, and only loss a few sparodic matches in the late 1990s, as they were now beating the European sides that had beaten them in the early 1990s. During the 2000s Austria were now playing a larger variety of nations. After not winning one game in 2002, Austria went on to win every fixture in 2004, creating an undefeated streak which was broken by Denmark in 2005.

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