Union Belgian Rugby Federation
Nickname(s) Zwarte Duivels (Black Devils)
Coach Richarcd McClintock and Denis Duchau
Captain Pierre Plasman
Kit left arm Team colours Kit right arm
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Team colours
First international
Template:Ru-rt 0 - 6 Belgium
(1 July, 1930)
Largest win
Belgium 108 - 0 Template:Country data SUI
(12 November, 2005)
Worst defeat
Spain 77 - 0 Belgium
(8 December, 1996)

The Belgium national rugby union team is the third tier rugby playing nation of Belgium. They first played in 1930 and have yet to qualify for the Rugby World Cup. Rugby union in Belgium is administered by the Belgian Rugby Federation. Jacques Rogge, the current International Olympic Committee president, was a member of the Belgium national team.


The Belgium rugby team played their first match on July 1 in 1930 against the Netherlands. Belgium won their first game, defeating the Dutch six points to nil. Although they did not play any games in 1931, Belgium contested annual games against the Netherlands for half a decade, starting in 1932. They drew the 1932 game, but lost subsequent matches during the 1930s. They also played Italy and Germany in 1937, losing both games.

During the 1950s, Belgium continued playing the Netherlands, as well as teams like Spain. Belgium managed a draw in the 1960s against Portugal. In the 1970s they won the majority of their games, as well as playing a broader range of European nations. This trend continued throughout the 1980s. Belgium went on a six-game winning streak in the late 1980s as well. Belgium began playing more and more games as they entered the 1990s, playing their regular European nations. A Belgium side played the Los Pumas prior to the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

World Cup recordEdit

  • 1987 - Not invited
  • 1991 - Did not qualify
  • 1995 - Did not qualify
  • 1999 - Did not qualify
  • 2003 - Did not qualify
  • 2007 - Did not qualify

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