Union Bulgarian Rugby Federation
Coach Ivan Mihaylov
Captain Antonio Ivanov
First international
Template:Ru-rt 3 - 70 Template:Country data ROM
Largest win
Template:Ru-rt 50 - 3 Template:Country data FIN
Worst defeat
Template:Ru-rt 0 - 100 Template:Country data ROM

The Bulgaria national rugby union team represents Bulgaria at rugby union. They are governed by the Bulgarian Rugby Federation, and have yet to qualify for the Rugby World Cup.


Bulgaria played their first rugby international in 1963, where they met Romania. They were defeated by the Romanians, 70-3. There was no qualify tournament held for the first Rugby World Cup, and Bulgaria did not attempt to qualify for the tournament until the Welsh hosted 1999 Rugby World Cup. They competed in Pool 2 of Round A, but did not advance to the next stage.

Bulgaria again tried to qualify for the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia, and competed in Pool B of Round 1. Although Bulgaria won one pool match, they did not advance to Round 2. For the 2007 Rugby World Cup, Bulgaria were able to advance past Round 1, and entered Pool D of Round 2. However, they were then knocked out of the qualifying tournament.

World Cup recordEdit

  • 1987 - Not invited
  • 1991 - Did not enter
  • 1995 - Did not enter
  • 1999 - Did not qualify
  • 2003 - Did not qualify
  • 2007 - Did not qualify

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