This is the top-level category for all rugby union articles and categories on this Wiki. Please add it, or a suitable subcategory of it, to every such article created. Some will be suitable in two or more categories. Use the Wikipedia category names wherever appropriate (because that will save a lot of time where other material copied from Wikipedia has links that need no changing).

The main article for this category is Rugby union.

Pages about matters that are part of the encyclopedic content but not specifically rugby union, such as countries, multi-use sports grounds, and people, should be in other main categories under Category:Content.

Pages concerning the wiki itself and its operation, such as site administration, copyrights, and the ownership of the wiki, should be in or under Category:Organization. Some of those are pages in the administrative "project" namespace, where all pages start with "Rugby Union:". (Confused?)


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Pages in category "Rugby union"

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