Union Hrvatski Ragbijaski Savez
Coach Template:Country data Croatia Tihomir Janković
Captain Template:Country data Croatia Miroslav Mandić
Kit left arm redsquares Kit body redsquares Kit right arm redsquares
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Team colours
First international
Template:Ru-rt 35 - 3 Template:Country data Slovenia
Largest win
Template:Ru-rt 78 - 3 Template:Country data Hungary
Worst defeat
Template:Ru-rt 0 - 126 Flag of France France XV

The Croatia national rugby union team are the national rugby union team of Croatia. They are governed by the Hrvatski Ragbijaski Savez. Croatia have been playing international rugby since 1992, they have yet to qualify for the Rugby World Cup


Croatia played their first international on November 28, 1992, against Bosnia & Herzegovina, and won 47 to three. Croatia played four the following year with wins over Austria and Hungary. They then faced off against Italy, who won 76 to 11. This was followed by a win over Morocco and a win over Spain.

The following year they won three of their five fixtures, though they lost to Ukraine and Luxembourg, though the following year, they were able to defeat Luxembourg in 1995. Croatia won a number of games in 1996-97, and played Georgia that year. After the loss against Georgia in 1997. Croatia played the Netherlands in 2000.

Croatia won five matches in a row from 2001 to 2002. Croatia started in round three of the 2007 Rugby World Cup European qualification tournament.

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