Union Cyprus Rugby Federation
Coach Niall Doherty
Captain Jonathan Pettemerides
Kit left arm Kit body Kit right arm
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Team colours
First international
Cyprus 39 - 3 Greece
Largest win
Cyprus 39 - 3 Greece
Worst defeat
none to date

The Cyprus National Rugby Union Team represents the country of Cyprus in international rugby union.

Cyprus is coached by Irishman Niall Doherty, who also coaches Greece. The team takes their nickname - "The Moufflons" - from the crest. The moufflon is a Cypriot breed of horned sheep.

The first game for Cyprus took place on March 24th, 2007 at home against Greece. The Cypriot XV won 39-3. Cyprus continued their great start in international rugby by beating Azerbaijan 29-0 at the Pafiako Stadium in Paphos on October 28th, 2007. They then put in back-to-back victories against Monaco on March 31st, 2007 (19-10) and Slovakia on 3rd November, 2007 (38-8).

Their next game will be in May 2008 against Finland.

There isn't much understanding of the game in Cyprus but as a result of four victories in succession against more establised teams the game is starting to get covered in the Cypriot media. It is hoped that the success of the national side will help spread the game on the island.

It is interesting to note that many of the Cypriot players learned their game growing up in countries where rugby is played extensively, such as South Africa or the UK - the countries that their parents or grandparents emigrated to.

Doherty has endeared himself to locals by insisting that all members of the Cypriot squad are required to learn the national anthem.

Current squadEdit

1. Fredrick Pissis - SCA Sporting Club Albigois
2. Christo Kasabi - Saracens
3. Tony Thoma - Paphos Tigers
4. Christo Frixou - Worcester Lions
5. Warren Deane - Paphos Tigers
6. Philippos Kyriacou - Richmond
7. Chris Thoma - Paphos Tigers
8. Jonathan Pettemerides - London Scottish (Captain)
9. Michaelis Maratheftis - Burton RFC
10. Demetri Maratheftis - Paphos Tigers
11. Andrew Binikos - Currie RFC
12. Constantine Markou - Solihull RFC
13. George Agathocteous - Paphos Tigers
14. Dan Thrasivolou - Leesbrook RFC
15. Chris Christofi -Limassol Crusaders
16. Adam Kyriacou - Ormskirk RFC
17. Devron Deverish - Ayia Nic Stags
18. Dinu Floredan - Paphos Tigers
19. Costas Christou - Limassol Crusaders
20. Panayiotis Jacovides - Paul Lezanne Aix Marseille
21. Vladlimiri Muhaylon - Paphos Tigers
22. Dan McFarlane - Limassol Crusaders
23. Panayiotis Loizidis - Iraklis Salonica
24. Panayiotis Ioulianou - Lincoln University
25. Anthony Crassas - Paphos Tigers
26. Colm O Cleirigh - Bective Rangers

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