The Finland national rugby union team represents Finland at the sport of rugby union. The nation has thus far not played in a Rugby World Cup, but has participated in qualifying tournaments. Finland also compete in the European Nations Cup, playing in Division 3C.


Finland played their first ever rugby international in 1982 against Switzerland, which they lost. Finland went onto win their first international in 1991, defeating Norway 18 points to 3.

They played Monaco in 2002. Finland's attempt to qualify for the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France began in Round 1 of the European tournaments. They faced Bulgaria in a two match series as part of the Round 1 group to determine which nation advances. Bulgaria won the first game 42 points to 3 in Helsinki, and won the second leg 50 to 3 in Sofia to knock Finland out of the tournament.

Men's team to face Slovenia 26.5.07:

Forwards: Heikki Kylmaniemi (TRC), David Price (UK), Micke Holmström (HRC), Antti Leppänen (TRC), Miikka Lahtinen (ERC), Carl Pancutt (UK), Joonas Lahtinen (JRC), Sami Sarkki (ERC)

Backs: Mikko Järvi (TRC, Capt.), Jaakko Vilen (WRC), Antti Lammi (JRC), Galen Rangiawha (ERC), Joakim Grader (De Gooi), Tumppi Finell (WRC, V-Capt), Muamer Poljo (JRC).


Olli-Pekka Tuomaala (VRC), Jussi Kivelä (TRC), Christian Skogholm (Spartacus, Göteborg), Stephen Whittaker (HRC) Lasse Sariola (WRC), Lauri Ylönen (WRC), Juhani Majanen (HRC).

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