The Wellington Sevens or The AXA New Zealand International Sevens (known in 2007, however, as the NZI Sevens) is an annual rugby sevens tournament held in Wellington, New Zealand. The tournament, part of the IRB Sevens World Series, is played at Wellington's Westpac Stadium.

Over 30,000 supporters descend on Wellington every year for the annual event to watch over 16 international teams. The atmosphere, costumes, and great rugby have turned the Wellington Sevens into one of New Zealand's leading sports events. Most of the people who go there, however, seem to be there not to watch the rugby, but to have a good time. The event is always a sell out, with tickets selling out well in advance of the tournament.

2007 Wellington sevens pools Edit

  • Pool A: Fiji, France, Portugal, USA
  • Pool B: South Africa, Australia, Canada, Cook Islands
  • Pool C: England, Samoa, Scotland, Papua New Guinea
  • Pool D: New Zealand, Argentina, Kenya, Tonga



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Coming into the tournament, South Africa were leading. They played New Zealand in the quarter-final on Saturday, 7 February.

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